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08 January 2007


On St Clair West, Toronto, ON, 08-Oct-05

"Bored and jaded now."

Who the fuck do you think you are? Where in hell did you get the idea that you had the right to do something like this? How (literally) spoiled must you be to decide that a man without a home is a man without worth? It's you who are the pieces of shit. You are so gutless it's pitiful, yet you deserve no mercy.

Don't watch the footage of this crime. Don't watch any of the monstrosities marketed as entertainment. It's the least we can do.

As for you, Indecline Films mouthpiece: take a bow, asshole.

TRACK LISTING: Face to Face, "Pathetic"


orange tumbler said...

i felt very ill when i read this post, as i hadn't heard about any of it previously. i also can't believe that people are trying to make money off of the many unfortunate human beings we leave in the wake of our capitalist "society". i want to say thanks for the post. honestly.

Miss Imperial said...

Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it. I myself didn't hear of these crimes until recently, and the first story I saw about these incidents (complete with the surveillance camera footage of one of the non-fatal assaults) made me cry. Bumfights has always made me angry, ever since I saw the DVD case on a shelf at a local video store (a place we no longer support).

I am as guilty of indulging in Western capitalist culture as anyone so learning of these teenagers' predation was like a slap in the face. My blog is quite inconsequential but I couldn't not write about something that caused me to react strongly, physically. And if it brought the crimes to your attention, then at least I didn't write it in vain. Thanks again.