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31 August 2007

"Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

Studio E, Edmonton, AB, 30-Oct-05

"Run run run
run run run away!"

Things I saw online today, courtesy of Defamer:

"And speaking of psychos...." Wow. Just...wow.

Bon weekend, everybody!

TRACK LISTING: Talking Heads, "Psycho Killer"

30 August 2007

"A circumstance beyond our control."

Outside the Brite Spot, Los Angeles, CA, 13-Mar-06

"The phone, the TV,
and the news of the world."

Things I saw online today, courtesy of Radar:

Where have I been these last two years?

Well, okay, CLEARLY not keeping up with news on Bret Easton Ellis, which, you know, whatever. I think I made it halfway through Lunar Park and only managed to slough through a chapter of Glamorama before giving up on those books (and possibly BEE himself). But I've always had a soft spot for The Informers and read enough entertainment reports that I'm surprised I haven't heard of this adaptation before.

Granted, it's still very much in the works and may go through as many production tugs-of-war as the American Psycho movie. Yet in the end, that film turned out alright, didn't it? I mean, I didn't find it as funny as the book (wow, I REALLY must have repressed the memory of those torture-and-murder passages, or else I was totally blinded by the more clever and witty moments), but the film certainly opened my eyes to the Wonder of Bale, and for that I offer a tip of the hat. Perhaps The Informers will make me a fan of Brandon Routh or something.

If, at least, the film version of The Informers has an opening sequence as well-scored as that of Less than Zero, I'm sure I'll be fond of it. I can't deny that Less than Zero as a whole isn't particularly great, but seriously, I based my entire dancing style on Robert Downey Jr's moves in that party scene. (Haha, I know, which party scene, right?) God, I love that man.

And to think, yesterday I was all ready to hate the Eighties and shit!

TRACK LISTING: The Pretenders, "Back on the Chain Gang"

[NOTE: I'm using this song because I believe it's referenced in one of The Informers' stories. I suppose "Informer" would have worked as well. ha]

29 August 2007

"Eighties! I'm living for the Eighties."

Central Park, New York, NY, 28-Apr-07

I'm living in the Eighties."

Things I saw on the Fug site today:

Kids, you are making me HATE the Eighties, and let me tell you that is NO MEAN FEAT.

Jessica Fug is right about this one looking like that one, though. I'm not sure what that says about ZE's career longevity. Good thing he's making a lot of money while he can!

TRACK LISTING: Killing Joke, "Eighties"

28 August 2007

"Gimme a beat!"

Collective Cabaret, Winnipeg, MB, 19-Oct-05

"No, my first name ain't 'Baby'!"

Things I saw online this evening, courtesy of Gawker:

Superstar Tionna Tee!

I didn't pay much attention to Gawker's initial, amused and amusing posts on Ms Tionna, but when they gave her an advice column I couldn't help but pay attention. It's the real thing, people. It is SO. FOR. REALS. It is real and it is spectacular.

TRACK LISTING: Janet Jackson, "Nasty"

[NOTE: The woman in the photo above is NOT Tionna Smalls, if that's what you thought. The woman in the photo is our friend Anna from Winnipeg, who is AWESOME in her own right.]

27 August 2007

"He's acting dumb; that's what you've come to expect."

In the Living Room, Toronto, ON, 27-Aug-07
In the Living Room, Toronto, ON, 27-Aug-07

"You say you know what he did,
but you idiot kid,
you don't have a clue."

Things I saw online this afternoon (via Defamer):

If someone issues a press release asking for time to "heal," does that mean he actually did what people say he did?

TRACK LISTING: Elliott Smith, "Needle in the Hay"

[NOTE: The image above is a still from The Royal Tenenbaums, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow in the role of Margot Tenenbaum (as pictured).]

26 August 2007

The Sunday Night Lights: No.44

Bellevue Manor, Toronto, ON, 18-Aug-07

"No more night!"

TRACK LISTING: Boxcar Willie, "I Saw the Light"

25 August 2007

"Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio!"

In the Foyer, Toronto, ON, 27-Aug-07

"Radio! Radio! Radio!"

Things I saw this afternoon, courtesy of Rob and Brendan WHO ARE TOTAL ENABLERS:

Innisfil's 400 Market, the second time around.

TRACK LISTING: Rancid, "Radio"

[NOTE: The radio in the photo above was, in fact, bought at the 400 Market's Outdoor Antique Mall today. (I picked up some jewellery as well, along with a couple of vintage postcards from the indoor mall.) I'm not sure if the unit is a Philco Transitone PT-39 or PT-41.]

24 August 2007

"Best notify my next of kin!"

From the Second Housewarming, Toronto, ON, 21-Oct-00

"This wheel shall explode!"

Things I saw, starting this afternoon:

Robbeeeeeeee! Bren-Bren! Doggieeeeeees!

Um, and yeah, of course, a lot of shops, darling, sweetie, shopping, darling.

TRACK LISTING: Julie Driscoll & Adrian Edmondson, "This Wheel's on Fire (Absolutely Fabulous Theme Song)"

23 August 2007

"They know what they want and you know what to give them!"

In the Bedroom, Toronto, ON, 27-Aug-07

"No excuses!
Don't refuse this!"

Things I saw online today:

The trailer for Be Kind, Rewind!

Jay told me about this film a couple of days ago, which was the first I'd ever heard of it. How is that possible? I finally searched for information on the movie today and am thrilled to report that he wasn't teasing!

Sure, I'm a little wary of Jack Black at times (relying a lot on his schtick, you know), but I enjoy him more often than not. Besides I'm more than happy to watch Mos Def in anything, really. The high, super-high concept is reminiscent of the fantastic Good Bye, Lenin!, what with the pacifying of a beloved older woman with labour-intensive fakery, yet I suppose that's neither here nor there so forget I mentioned it.

Honestly, I don't care if it's a stolen idea; Michel Gondry has a track record of making things fun*, so I trust him. Anyway, as Jay pointed out, there's a sweetness to the film that is quite appealing. I'm ready for it!

It's nice to be excited about a Coming Soon to a Theater Near You, isn't it?

TRACK LISTING: Cylob, "Rewind!"

*With the possible exception of Human Nature? I've never seen it, so I can't say for certain.

[NOTE: In the photo above, the tapes being held by my husband are copies of Proof and some Monty Python thing (haha).]

22 August 2007

"Sharp! Like you pulled me out the pencil sharpener!"

Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON, 30-Mar-06

Like that student
in the principal's office!"

Things I saw this morning, while walking with PF to the subway station:

A man in a suit and sunglasses having the following conversation with a friend:

SUIT: Wait, what did you see?
FRIEND: Superbad.
SUIT (highly interested): Oh, yeah!
SUIT: Huh? It was funny?
FRIEND: REALLY funny. The theater was PACKED, too. Sold out.
SUIT: Huh.
FRIEND: I don't think I passed HazMat, though.
SUIT (quietly, reassuringly): You did.
FRIEND: No, I mean, you only have to get three wrong, you know?

It was at this point that PF and I reached the stairs leading down to the station, losing the conversation in the process. PF and I were unable to catch the guys again, so I told him about the confrontation I'd witnessed last night on the subway.

BLONDE TEENAGE GIRL (acting very "hard"): Hey, guy, watch those elbows!
TEENAGE GIRL WITH ICE CREAM CONE (acting equally "gangster"): What did you say to me?

["She called her GUY?" PF asked me, then burst out laughing.]

BLONDE: Yeah, you're hitting me.
ICE CREAM: Oh, no. Hold up.

(ICE CREAM bites into cone loudly, then launches into counterpoint rant with mouth full.)

Whrrfff thrr frrrhhh gwurrr hurrr msshhhh crunch crunch crunch!

BLONDE'S FRIEND (to BLONDE): Come on, don't do this.

(BLONDE sucks her teeth loudly and continues to glare at ICE CREAM, who has turned her attention back to her own friend.)

JAY (my friend, who is with me in the subway car): There is a surprising amount of testosterone in here.

Ice Cream kept smacking her lips like she was eating, even after she'd finished, then asked her friend, "Isn't it NASTY when there's nothing left in it?" She meant the cone, and her friend silently turned her half-eaten cone outward to show Ice Cream that some Rocky Road or whatever remained. Ice Cream shrugged. "I guess," she sighed, which was the last thing we heard as we got off the train.

Jay said, "That girl is SO Vicky Pollard!" I asked him which one and he replied, "All of them, really." Then I said that I didn't know who Vicky Pollard was so he had to point the character out on the back of a Little Britain DVD package, and I had to agree with what everything he said earlier.

TRACK LISTING: Mystikal, "Danger (Been So Long)"

[NOTE: The model in the image above is the wonderful John Caffery of Kids On TV and he AIN'T NO JOKE. Anyone who ever caught him dancing his ass off at Vazaleen undoubtedly remains in awe of the man.]

21 August 2007

"Oh! What would I do, if not for you?"

In the Living Room, Toronto, ON, 02-Jan-06

it wouldn't ring true,
if not for you."

Things I saw online today, courtesy of a Defamer article and an Ion Cinema link:

The trailer for I'm Not There.

Though I like Bob Dylan, I never thought I'd be interested in this film. Now I feel like I want to see it! Yes, I've witnessed how Todd Haynes has handled the musical biopic in the past, but despite my severe disappointment in Velvet Goldmine (and some might even call that disappointment "hate"), I can't help but be fond of Superstar (or at least the idea of Superstar, as I've never actually seen the film and will likely never see it as it's all banned and whatnot). Maybe I'm Not There won't be surprisingly boring and muddled. Er...hmmm.

(Hey! Do you think Haynes will have various musicians cover Dylan's songs for a soundtrack album, instead of just limiting the interpretations to actors? That Velvet Goldmine record was fun!)

Okay, but Far From Heaven was beautiful, right? So I'm willing to believe that Haynes can admirably tackle period pieces of any style, as opposed to just the gay ones. I don't know. I mean, there's a good chance that I'm Not There will be pretentious nonsense, but...man, Cate Blanchett is awesome, isn't she? I don't even care about Batman or The Joker and his lovely wife fiancée, all of whom I generally love. No, if I end up watching this thing, it'll probably be because of Blanchett and Blanchett alone. I'm smitten!

TRACK LISTING: Bob Dylan, "If Not for You"

[NOTE: The model in the photo at the top of this entry is my husband, who is not a Bob Dylan fan.]

20 August 2007

"Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God."

In the Living Room, Toronto, ON, 20-Aug-07

"So close your eyes and dream."

Things I saw this evening:

The lives of others.

Earlier today, I'd read a post that SBP had written about The Exorcist, and I'd commented on how frightening I find that film to this day. I didn't imagine that I'd see an equally chilling film a few hours later, with such a similar theme.

SBP replied to my comment by remarking that "evil knowing no limits is effectively depicted" in The Exorcist, and I would argue that The Magdalene Sisters effectively depicts the evils that can result when faith knows no limits. I cannot deny that faith is important and necessary for so many; be warned, however, that faith without reason is a terribly blinding, dangerous path.

TRACK LISTING: Me'Shell NdegéOcello, "Mary Magdalene"

[NOTE: The image above is a still taken from Sex in a Cold Climate, one of the inspirations for The Magdalene Sisters.]

19 August 2007

The Sunday Night Lights: No.43

Bellevue Manor, Toronto, ON, 18-Aug-07

"No more darkness."

TRACK LISTING: Pat Boone, "I Saw the Light"

18 August 2007

"We go out in the world and take our chances."

Bellevue Manor, Toronto, ON, 18-Aug-07

"Why are we here?
Because we're here!"

Things I saw tonight at a lovely barbecue:


Back from Yakage! Back in town! Back and he never missed a beat. 歓迎!*

TRACK LISTING: Rush, "Roll the Bones"


17 August 2007

"Come on now, let me feel the gross-out!"

Science City, Toronto, ON, 19-Aug-07

"Come on!
I'll let you feel the gross-out."

Things I saw online today:

Some shit that could be fake for all I care.

I'm happy to run with this as Adam Levine has always struck me as a huge skeeve. Judging by others' happiness to run with the "story" as well, I am not the only one who thinks Levine is A GIANT DOUCHE. Blecch.

TRACK LISTING: The Vines, "Gross Out"

[NOTE: The image above is a still from the demo video for WowWee Alive Elvis . Truly, he is a wonder to behold, and must be seen to be believed.]

[UPDATE 21-Aug-07: Oh, JESUS. If you have any doubt that Levine is a horrible bore (or boor, really), take a look at this travesty. It's totally ridiculous and all, but still, don't watch it unless you are prepared to shower thoroughly afterwards.]

[UPDATE 21-Aug-07: It was a joke after all! And I still don't care!]

16 August 2007

"Don't stop! Don't stop the dance."

Young Sensation, Bristol, UK, 01-Apr-06

"No -- more music!
Don't stop the dance."

Things I saw on television tonight:


It sounds totally lame to say "She's the one I wanted to win" because anyone can say that AFTER the results of a competition have been announced, but it's true! I LOVE Sabra. She's a great, deserving dancer, and in light of the previous winners, it was encouraging to think that a female -- a non-white female -- a short, non-white female (haha) -- could be the champion. Besides, it would have felt like something of a boring, easy cheat if a sibling of a previous winner or runner-up had taken the title of AMERICA'S FAVORITE DANCERTM, no matter how awesome that sibling might be.

Seriously, though, so many of this year's crop was awesome. Ah! I loved them so. Jesús! Anya! Hok, so persevering! Sara, dear Sara! Hammy, hammy Dominic! Lauren, cute as a button! Pasha the gentleman (who shouldn't have placed such high value on shirtlessness -- have we learned nothing from Dmitry?)! Even you, The Dude (the Most Improved)! I will miss all of you as much as I will miss Sabra and Danny and Lacey. And oh! wait! There's more! Miss Cat (so lovely)! Wade Robson's kooky, herky-jerky routines! Guest judge Adam Shankman! Come back! Come back! I need an excuse to sit around doing nothing while eating ice cream.

Sigh. I think I need a moment.

TRACK LISTING: Bryan Ferry, "Don't Stop the Dance"

15 August 2007

"I said, 'Don't stop the dance!'"

Rob and Wendy at Sally & AP's Wedding, Rama, ON, 24-Sep-05

this is our last chance!"

Things I saw on TV tonight:

One of my guiltiest pleasures coming to a season's end.

How sad is it that this is appointment television for me?

TRACK LISTING: U2, "Two Hearts Beat as One"

14 August 2007

"And I'm back for more!"

Spadina at King, Toronto, ON, 13-Aug-07

"We'll see what happens
when I no longer exist."

Things I saw online today:

News of War.

Jet Li is the Jay-Z of movies! What does retirement even mean these days?

TRACK LISTING: Jay-Z, "What More Can I Say"

[NOTE: This is post number 300!]

13 August 2007

"The mystical divinity of unashamed felinity!"

Lonsmount at Lonsdale, Toronto, ON, 29-Jun-07

"Life to the everlasting cat!"

Things I saw online today, courtesy of Gawker:


TRACK LISTING: Original Broadway Cast of Cats, "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats"

[NOTE: Yes, I KNOW that the subject of the photo above is a RACCOON, an animal that doesn't even come from the same FAMILY as a cat (raccoons are from Procyonidae, not Felidae -- thank you, Wikipedia). It's just that I wanted a picture of a creature as creepy as the idea of LIVING WITH 130 CATS. Brrrgghh.]

12 August 2007

The Sunday Night Lights: No.42

Kevin's Farewell, Toronto, ON, 28-Jul-06

"I saw the light!
I saw the light."

TRACK LISTING: Eddie Bond, "I Saw the Light"

11 August 2007

"All our times have come."

At Kimmy and Matt's, Brooklyn, NY, 28-Apr-07

but now they're gone."

Things I saw today on TV:


TRACK LISTING: Blue Öyster Cult, "Don't Fear the Reaper"

10 August 2007

"The big man arrives."

Outside the Paramount, Moncton, NB, 11-Nov-05

"Disco dancers greet him;
plainclothes cops greet him."

¡Ai Chupeta! In the end you are just one more greedy, predatory, worthless asshole whose money couldn't keep him free. It's almost a joke! Almost.

Nice try with all the surgery, though. Next time have them work on your vocal chords, too, okay? Idiot.

TRACK LISTING: Joni Mitchell, "Edith and the Kingpin"

09 August 2007

"The fire hydrants will blow up!"

Curley Cottage, Kingston, ON, 02-Jul-06

"The streets will crack!
The pipes will pop!"

Things I saw online today:

Holy SHIT! TORNADO in the BK!

People! The weather systems are going to KICK our ASSES! They're out to get us and it is FREAKING me OUT. Seriously. The oceans are coming for us first. Why anyone still wants to live by the shore when he or she has the option to move is beyond me.

TRACK LISTING: Little Girls, "The Earthquake Song"

08 August 2007

"Why do I do the things I do?"

At Jet Fuel, Toronto, ON, 08-Aug-07

"I'd tell you if I knew."

Things I saw in the earlier hours of the morning, over much needed hits of caffeine at Jet Fuel:

MC Mike Campbell!

My last meeting with Mike was over a year ago at Fun House, which was also the first time I ever met him and his super-cute girlfriend. I lament the fact that he lives pretty far away; otherwise, we could knock out karaoke versions of Wham! songs on a regular basis, hoping during each performance that we don't get punched or what have you. He would have "Everything She Wants" to himself, of course, since he basically owns it.

TRACK LISTING: Wham!, "Everything She Wants"

07 August 2007

"I hydroplane into fame!"

EdFest, Edmonton, AB, 26-Jul-06

"Comin' down
with the Dow Jones."

Things I saw online today:

RIHANNA (reaching into satchel): May I interest you in a fashionable yet functional Totes product?

I was back-and-forth about that damned umbrella song, what with its "Gypsy Woman"-y, la-da-dee, la-dee-da bits ("Um-ber-ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh!"), but now it's just ruined. I mean, yes, pretty much all modern music is essentially commercial, especially the tracks that come with matching music videos. I guess I just get antsy when the shilling isn't subliminal. Wow. Ignorance truly IS bliss, obviously...obliviously...zzzzz....

Gah. This is as annoying as that time Jewel hawked a line of lady razors.

TRACK LISTING: Rihanna with Jay-Z, "Umbrella"

06 August 2007

"Look behind you!"

Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, 09-Jun-07

"See what you've made!"

Things I saw online today:

Matt Damon is a safe bet!

Once upon a time, I liked MD (that Vanity Fair cover from 1997! The one with the bubble bath and the toothbrush! Seriously, it was kitten-levels of cuteness); shortly thereafter, I disliked MD; eventually, I settled into a mild sort of respect. I mean, at least he never rubbed on someone's (admittedly impressive) ass while lounging on a yacht in a music video, right?

These days, for some reason, my fondness for MD is slightly elevated; thus, when I see reports that he gives as good as he gets (financially, anyway), I cannot help but say, "Awww, good for you, kid!" There's not much logic behind it but hey, he was funny in The Departed! So there.

TRACK LISTING: Mastodon, "Workhorse"

[UPDATE 09-Aug-07: Ha! BRILLIANT. I'd like to think that MD has a hearty laugh every time he sees this poster (which is basically any time he enters or exits his building).]

[UPDATE 15-Aug-07: Now, see, episodes like this are why I miss cable. Thank goodness for internet replays (see below).]

05 August 2007

The Sunday Night Lights: No.41

At the Office, Toronto, ON, 15-Feb-07

"I saw the light!"

TRACK LISTING: Moe Bandy, "I Saw the Light"

04 August 2007

"Annie told me, 'Get out of here! Head for the sea.'"

Annie at Richard's, Vancouver, BC, 04-Mar-06

"The best things in the world
are free!"

Things I saw today:


Since I can't make it out to her city as often as I used to, it's always a treat for me when she's able to make it out to mine.

Nice to see you, Ms Kuan! Hope to see you again very soon.

TRACK LISTING: Elastica, "Annie"

03 August 2007

"Well, some say I'm lazy."

St Clair West, Toronto, ON, 22-Jul-07

"And others say
that's just me."

Things I saw today via Radar:

Sometimes the best comment is NO COMMENT, asshole. Now keep digging that "disgusting" pit of shame and denial!

TRACK LISTING: Guns N' Roses, "One in a Million"

02 August 2007

"People and places, said you were forgetting them all."

Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, PQ, 27-Apr-94

"Think of how lucky we are
for the things that we've had."

Things I saw on the VIA website this afternoon:

Tickets to Montreal!

Finally! My husband will FINALLY see Montreal (the New York to Toronto's Seattle, you know), not to mention the large Musée that he and I have been talking about for a while. Part of the deal is a three-night stay at the Queen Elizabeth, which means that this will be a good Labour Day weekend for me, too, haha.

Seriously, though, there is so much to see -- and so many people to see -- that I'm not exactly sure how we'll manage. Our tour guide will be excellent, we are sure, but she certainly has her work cut out for her.

Li! Rachel! Nick! Leila! Duffers! Lisa J and the Wills Sisters! Kimby! Kevin! Erika! JB! We are coming to your town and we are excited.

TRACK LISTING: Blue Rodeo, "Montreal"

[NOTE: The image above is a scanned page from a diary that I briefly kept in 1994. Back then I was much more interested in putting the focus on my photos rather than my words, so...plus ça change, I guess.]

[UPDATE 03-Sep-07: How could I have forgotten Baggy O and The Robot from CJLO on that list of Montrealers above? I am so stupid. Luckily, Omar and Alex are very forgiving. They begrudgingly agreed to meet us for brunch on the morning of Sunday, September 2, and even brought the lovely Emilie along with them. We are forever in their debt. CREDIT CARD?]

01 August 2007

"I wanna go to cool places with you!"

Koo's Art Center, Long Beach, CA, 26-Mar-05

"Cool places tonight!"

Things I saw online today:

Pam is a Troma girl!

Sure, she's married to a Troma guy, but she's made a film of her own for the company! Granted, it's not typical Troma fare, but still....

I guess it just makes me imagine that JF is one of the real cool girls in the neighbourhood, and maybe when she's not on the set she hangs out with the cool "LC" and does cool, relaxed things that don't actively court the paparazzi, and maybe if Lauren Ambrose didn't live in New York they'd all hang out together, except maybe there would be occasions when JF and LC wouldn't call LA because she might be kind of a drag, like that Saturday night when they didn't care and just went to see The Ex because, you know, whatever, right? It sounded like fun at the time.

TRACK LISTING: Sparks with Jane Wiedlin, "Cool Places"