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19 October 2006

"I can feel that something pounding in my brain."

Acupuncture on Eglinto West, Toronto, ON, 10-Jun-06

I need to look at something
besides a computer screen.

I didn't leave the house today; tripped up by procrastination.
My fault: I was looking for sidetracks.


Simon Thibault said...

just don't do what i did to procrastinate.

have sex with random men.

JP said...


nice to see you've added comment feilds. Now I can say publicly how your first photo reminds me of David Byrne's photowork. Very nice. I like the hair cut, new feeling-new look, go hand in hand (I've always liked short haired pixie girl styles better anyhow myself).

Loving the pics, keep em coming.

Johnny Proxy

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Heheheheh!

pf said...