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18 October 2006

"Oh, look out! you rock 'n rollers."

Shampoo, Toronto, ON, 18-Oct-06

"Pretty soon,
you're going to get older."

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Today I cut off all my hair, or most of it. The photo is only a fraction. Six inches shorter and half a pound lighter; my hair went from big to small in a matter of moments. I suppose I felt like a new start called for a visual aid: my head as a metaphor for my life.

TRACK LISTING: David Bowie, "Changes"


Simon Thibault said...

cutting your hair is a good thing.
it changes you.
makes you feel like something is different about you.
you want to show it, but have no idea how.

i shave my head when i'm in those states.

Miss Imperial said...

Shaving one's head! I always consider doing it, then chicken out.

Anonymous said...

...so instead you shave mine! Well, once.


Miss Imperial said...

Here's the funny part: instead of the photo of my hair, I almost scanned and posted the photo of you sitting in the high school stairwell with the aforementioned shaved head. Then I thought about release forms and whether you would or wouldn't want your daughter to see that photo in the future (I made you pose a bit too much, I think). So I didn't post it.

But yes, if you can't shave your own head, shave someone else's!

Anonymous said...

I don't have that photo. Maybe I don't want that photo. Good thinking on the no-post.