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23 October 2006

"There's a chill in the air..."

Our Apartment, Toronto, ON, 26-Nov-05

"...I hope that someone
is taking care of you."

Winter's coming early. November is still a week away and the season itself doesn't officially begin until December 21, but winter is here.

PF tried to start a betting pool today with only two people (me and him). "When do you think we'll see the first snow?" he asked.

I replied: "The first snow's already happened," and it had, on October 12. I watched it fall outside huge boardroom windows in a temporary office. It didn't last, though; this was P's point.

"Not the kind that melts immediately," he said. "The kind that blankets and stays for a while." He flipped the wall calendar to November, clicked his ballpoint pen and wrote FIRST SNOW in the square below number 4.

Winter brings a lot of good things: Albuquerque around Christmas; Ottawa around New Year's Eve; my birthday around the end. Yet there's something about the onset of constant cold that puts me in mind of looming deadlines. It's as if there's something I need to finish -- something more than just another year of my life.

I'm now thinking that the snow will appear before November 4. The feeling of frost is already creeping into the city and into our bones.

TRACK LISTING: Ween, "Birthday Boy"


Anonymous said...

Oxford Mills has TO beat; we had about 5cm on Friday that lasted into Saturday morning. I was outside doing yardwork (ah, the country) and late in the day there were still little patches of snow clinging to the shadows.

Miss Imperial said...

I imagine that your snow stays beautiful and pristine for much longer than it does in this slushy, muddy city. Maybe I'm wrong; if I'm right, I envy you. I guess that's why the first snow is exciting in the city: it's such a fleeting moment! (No pun intended.)