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28 November 2006

"Anything you want, dear, is fine, fine, fine, fine, fine."

Pike Place, Seattle, WA, 08-Oct-06

"If you want a good joke,
why split? You'll go broke
right here."

We managed to catch the top half of a list devoted to things that should be done before one turns thirty, if one happens to be a self-described "tough guy" with a penchant for extreme sports, arcade games and, er, facials (see "mind-blowing experience" No.12).

PF wondered why the show wasn't airing on Spike, but I was wondering why, if I were to make a grand to-do list of my own, it would consist mainly of acquiring various material goods. (Also, at this point, it would have to be titled 40 Before 40.) From getting a little white MacBook to owning a house, the list would basically be the written equivalent of a shopping cart. Even the goal of "having kids" employs a verb that implies possession. Bah! My priorities are clearly in need of sorting out.

Anyone willing to rehabilitate a material girl only recently coming out of denial?

TRACK LISTING: The Replacements, "I'll Buy"


Simon Thibault said...

wanna make our own top 30 list?

Miss Imperial said...

I'm intimidated! I'm worried that I'd set totally unrealistic goals, then get totally crushed when I don't attain them.

Maybe I should just make a short list.

What would you like to do?

Simon Thibault said...

let's make a short one.

Miss Imperial said...

Yes! I like your style.