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06 November 2006

"The dictionary doesn't know the meaning of friends."

The 'New' Monique Clough Show, Albuquerque, NM, 24-Dec-05

"Some you grew up with,
around the way."

I hadn't seen Eric in at least a year; in fact, it was probably two years ago that I saw him last, in Montreal. Even though we were catching each other up on past events and chance meetings with mutual friends, it felt like no time had really passed.

I'm always happy to keep in touch with my good friends, to see the people who have seen me through so many ages. I love these friends who know me so well. I love that I have known them for literally half my life, if not longer. This doesn't make me feel old; it makes me feel lucky.

TRACK LISTING: Whodini, "Friends"

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