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20 November 2006

"Got caught in a celluloid jam."

Tony Oursler, 'Braincast' (2004), Seattle, WA, 08-Oct-06

"This is how the message ran..."

This evening, I peered out of our living room window and saw a cloud of blue flames directly above the south wing of the building. It was beautiful, and momentarily stunning.

A man wearing a large face mask was wielding a blowtorch. I heard a whoosh, a low roar, and saw another ball of fire. I was mesmerized. It was surreal; it was cinematic. I didn't know what he could be doing up there, but really, I didn't want to know.

If only for a few minutes, I wanted to pretend that I lived in some fantastic world, where industrial colonies went about their business on the roof; where men and women floated around the courtyard in long robes; and a cavalcade of robots and circus performers paraded down the street. It was easy, and then it was over.

TRACK LISTING: Richard O'Brien, "Science Fiction/Double Feature"

[NOTE: This is a photo of Tony Oursler's "Braincast" (2004), taken at the Seattle Public Library (downtown branch).]

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pf said...

that's my favorite photo from our trip to the SPL.