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15 November 2006

"Transfixed by the inner sound."

Lauren and Kevin, Toronto, ON, 29-Jul-06

"A spray of stars
hit the screen."

I have a small tube of a certain hand cream that always makes me feel like I'm fourteen again -- not because of its restorative properties, but because of its perfume. I'm not sure if it would be classified as fresh or floral; its fragrance can only really be described as "pink".

I know, and you know, that memory is closely tied to particular scents, but this is the first time that my sense of smell has catapulted me back to another decade. I remember so many details of that era, as clearly as if I was looking at a photograph or hearing an old friend's voice. The cream has stolen the exact notes of the Alberto Mousse Styling Foam I once used, and it places me back against the wall at the middle school graduation dance, waiting out a slow song and thinking about summer.


The Nutritionista said...

your blog is LOVELY, as are you

Rachel said...

I have this weird nostalgia memory scent that has haunted me every few years...it smells like... "barbie". It usually comes in the form of a cream or cosmetic. the intense memories of being six and dressing up barbies with my sister in my parent's basement is so intense...