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04 December 2006

"It was summer; now it's autumn."

Somewhere in Alberta, 01-Mar-06

"Keep it coming;
keep it coming;
keep it coming."

It's a month later than PF's predicted First Snow day, but he's sure the blanket on the ground will melt by morning, just like yesterday's dusting. He doesn't believe that what we see is built to last, but I think these first real signs of the season have staying power. I'm looking forward to the purple haze of a winter sky at night, even though he's the only one who's ready for the weather.

TRACK LISTING: New Order, "Crystal"


pf said...

after seeing snow on the sidewalks downtown tonight, i've decided it's okay to officially call this the First Snow. it's not that impressive, but what can you do? it is what it is.

pretty picture, btw!

Simon Thibault said...

perfect song for a snowy night when you're alone.

Miss Imperial said...

"Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" is such an amazing song. Perfect.