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06 December 2006

"Meanwhile, in bedrooms 'round the country..."

Rebus at Curley Cottage, Kingston, ON, 01-Jul-06

"That uniform: excellent."

Wow, CSI is on ALL THE TIME! Wait -- hold on -- are they actually at a Furry convention?

The redhead just said, "This is weirding me out," but now the old guy is totally yawning everything up by blah-blah-blah-ing about anthropology and psychoanalysis and all that other professor shit he routinely throws at his team where their eyes are glazing over and they're just like, "Shut UP so we can dust for prints."

I wonder how deeply they're going to delve into Furry subculture. Well, here's a character named "Sexy Kitty"! He's talking about skritching and fur piles and yiffing! Too bad Television Without Pity doesn't have a recap of this episode on their site. And what's this? The guy with the nightmare from Mulholland Drive? Is he just on TV because PF's all brainulated about the new David Lynch joint? Way to go, brain!

TRACK LISTING: Yummy Fur, "Policeman"

[Note: I couldn't find a URL that contained an audio sample of "Policeman" -- or even an MP3 download, for that matter -- so the "Policeman" link in the previous paragraph will lead to a page of Yummy Fur clips, from which you may take your pick. Enjoy!]


Anonymous said...

Figures Rebus rates more blog coverage than me. We raise them to surpass us, after all. He is cute, though, isn't he?

CC's folks are in Vegas, but report no Wm. Peterson or Helgenberger sightings, sadly.


Miss Imperial said...

Rebus is ADORABLE! Not to mention photogenic and often willing to pose for photos. (He must know he's cute.)

I try not to post too many photos of friends on here because I don't ask permission, nor do I have release forms or waivers (etc etc), but expect to be featured or mentioned in at least one post-holiday entry. If not you, then your beautiful daughter, because who can resist talking about a baby?

Also, at some point, I expect to discuss some past event involving you and Paul. The two of you were implied in the post from December 5, of course, though I suppose "mostly male friends" is rather vague.