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17 January 2007

"Always hopeful..."

On Lomas Avenue, Albuquerque, NM, 26-Dec-05

"...yet discontent."

Though I expressed a fondness for the program a mere two weeks ago, it appears that The Knights of Prosperity is already losing me. I'm definitely not the most discriminating spectator, and I can't deny my often incomprehensible loyalty to less deserving respected television shows. Yet I suspect that, next week, PF and I won't defer our viewing of a certain timeslot competitor to its Sunday evening rerun.

I must admit, however, that we enjoyed The Knights' debate about the past tense of the term "stake out" (which I refuse to transcribe here because I suck at telling jokes). Also, as a Canadian, I feel obligated to applaud The Knights' use of "Tom Sawyer" as their theme song.

TRACK LISTING: Rush, "Tom Sawyer"


katherine said...

still standing is completely deserving!

Miss Imperial said...

I agree! though I think you and I might be the only people who feel that way. It was nice to see Jami Gertz play something other than the East Coast snob, and (while at first I didn't think so) Mark Addy's American accent was impressive. Also, I found the son (whose name I can't remember) funny.

Miss Imperial said...

In fact, I'm going to change "deserving" to "respected"! Right now!

katherine said...

that's right! i'm so glad reruns of the show are aired on lifetime, right next to other television greats like golden girls and those invaluable made-for-television melodramas.

katherine said...

Also, have you heard Renee Olstead (the older daughter) sing? She has an amazing voice, especially for her age.

Miss Imperial said...

I LOVE Golden Girls!