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26 January 2007

"Every fang is polished gag-colored green."

Calvin and the Motor Rat, Toronto, ON, 31-Oct-06

"Like a sun so sick
it only shines
when it sinks."

It's hard to deny that Lucy Buchanan is a total bitch, but there's no discounting Channel 4 and Shipwrecked's culpability in this whole mess, either. There aren't many networks and TV show producers who would scramble to quash a controversy, especially if said controversy had a positive impact on their ratings. As for the stupid child herself, Buchanan might be excused for being young and very sheltered. However, it's doubtful that she would be so naive as to be unaware that "any publicity is good publicity." It's rare to find a teenager who isn't well schooled in the politics of celebrity; who wouldn't understand that, when the cameras are rolling, they're usually going to be trained on the bad girl.

TRACK LISTING: Blood Brothers, "Rat Rider"


Simon Thibault said...

that bitch pisses me off.
bring back pete burns on celebrity big brother and see what happens!

Miss Imperial said...

I think Pete Burns wants to stay away from television until he corrects his latest plastic surgery job, which was botched. (It was something to do with his mouth.) He's suing his surgeon!

Simon Thibault said...