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29 January 2007

"Just wishing for movie stardom."

Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA, 08-Oct-06

"Always, always
playing a part."

Watching the "In Memoriam" segments on various Hollywood award shows, I'm always speechless. On occasion, it's a who IS that? moment; more often, though, it's THEY died?

This sort of pause usually involves the death of an actor (as opposed to, say, a director or producer), and it's not because I didn't know that the actor passed away. The fact is: I forget. It's a testament to the actor's impact, to be sure -- whether talent-based, celebrity-based, or both -- but more than this, it is a testament to the power that film has to immortalize the mortal. It's the magic of the visual medium! Duh. No wonder everyone wants to be on TV!

TRACK LISTING: John Lennon, "Remember"

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