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12 January 2007

"Look around the world, baby, it can't be denied."

People's Flowers, Albuquerque, NM, 26-Dec-05

"Why are we always
on the wrong side?"

Are people seriously criticizing the all-powerful (and often very loud) Oprah Winfrey for not admitting more white girls to her South African school?

Who are we dealing with here, the damned HNP? Get bent, you apologists. Yes, apartheid in South Africa is "officially" over, but you should probably wait at least twenty years before you start bellyaching about exclusivity. Even fifteen would be nice, and there are still a couple of years left on that clock.

Carol Lloyd is correct: there would be objections no matter how Oprah chose to spend that $40 million. If Oprah was an elected leader -- and I'm referring to government, not television ratings -- then we might have the right to complain about where the money is going. At the end of the day, however, the cash belongs to Ms O, and we should at least be thankful that this time she's not pumping it into the gaping maws of self-aggrandizing douchebags.

[NOTE: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls has also been criticized for being too lavish (thereby promoting consumerism) and for not being built in the United States. A Racialicious article addressing Oprah's response to the latter protest could also be applied to the former, inasmuch as it disputes the idea that "poor people shouldn’t be allowed to have/buy nice things." It should be noted, though, that 200-thread count sheets aren't exactly luxurious. As for those who feel that Oprah's empire is built on lifestyle products purchased by white people, you may be right, but please remember that no one HAD to buy these things in the first place, and that we can all change the channel -- or switch off the set -- at any time.]

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