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15 January 2007

"You will see that good times come."

Across Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, 29-Oct-06

"You will see
here I belong."

Studying floor plans and property listings, it's difficult not to be seduced. Enjoyment of the clean, graphic quality of diagrams aside, mooning over photographs and drawings of houses is like indulging in adult films: it's a fantasy. It's the idealization of the somewhat unknown. I've never owned a home, but I've admired many, and dreamed of what I would do if I had one. I've imagined how I would make it mine.

Of course, real estate porn, like any good illusion, involves a bit of delusion. There's no financial worry in this world -- no debt consolidation necessity, no single-income restrictions, no mortgage woes -- and there's certainly no consideration of the many responsibilities that accompany home ownership, those concerns once handled by your parents and a conscientious landlord. Looking at the brochures, it all seems so...easy. You feel as if it's all within your reach, so you get excited.

When I'm able to think clearly, out of the rush -- when I'm thankful that I don't have a credit card with an available balance of half a million dollars -- I know that attaining this vision will take more time and work on my part. I'm not interested in flipping houses, even if a lot of smart people do it, and do it well. I want to grow old in my first home, though this wish may be a real fool's paradise. Most importantly, waiting is always a good thing for impatient me: it makes me truly appreciative. This way, it will be worth it; this way, I will never take it for granted.

TRACK LISTING: Golden Earring, "In My House"

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