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24 February 2007

"I can't wait to put the icing on the cake!"

At the Queen Mother, Toronto, ON, 25-Feb-07

"Let's get this thing in the oven!"

PF mentioned that he might put out a call for favourite foods, and I wondered how many slots in my Top 10 would be won by cake (in its many splendored and delicious incarnations).

Can I get an amen, SBP?

TRACK LISTING: The B-52's, "Cake"


SBP said...


SBP said...


Simon Thibault said...

fo shizzle.

i love cake.

i love that song about cake.

this is my fave cake to make.

Betagal said...

Oh Lord, yes. For a long time carrot cake was my favorite, then plain ol' disgusting white sheet cake with white frosting. But I think when it comes down to it I love a good yellow cake with chocolate frosting more than anything, ever. At least until I try the black pearl cake!

Miss Imperial said...

I must say, disgusting white sheet cake (straight from the grocer's bakery department! "yum") with the white frosting (which cannot be called vanilla)...well, that is still my favoritest cake...a "little" (read: BIG) slice of comfort food. Yellow cake with any sort of frosting is a VERY close second, though (and chocolate frosting is awesome). Man, Betagal, next time I'm in Seattle, you and I need to eat cake!

But yes, that Black Pearl recipe sounds fantastic. Thanks for that, Simon! (He of the chocolate cupcakes with wasabi frosting -- genius.)

Wow. Do I ever love cake.