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18 February 2007

The Sunday Night Lights: No.17

The Da Maria, Toronto, ON, 03-Dec-05

"There is an awful sound.
This haunted town,
it will not,
it will not,
it will not just be quiet.
Some ghosts sink;
some will get called
to the light."

TRACK LISTING: Wolf Parade, "Shine a Light"


Simon Thibault said...


God, I love this song.

I used to blast this song every morning when I would get the bar ready and I would be doing my cleaning.

You know our hearts beat time out very slowly
You know our hearts beat time they're waiting for something that'll never arrive"

i love that.
i understand that sentiment intimately.

the whole working grunt
and you have to work hard
not because you need the money
not out of protestant ethic
but because somtimes, someone out there is worth it.

and also, just that simple chorus would fit anywhere.

and sometimes, i would like my heart to beat time out slowly with someone like that.

Thank you.

Miss Imperial said...

Yes, this has to be one of my favourite songs of all time. I tried so hard to avoid it and dislike it, but it's too good for knee-jerk snobbery and backlash. It's awesome. It's beautiful! It played on my ride home this evening and it was great to just stand there and listen to it, take it in, completely. It was followed by The Walkmen's "Thinking of a Dream I Had", which I thought flowed well, and was also appropriate because I was on public transit at the time! (You know, 'cause there's that part about waiting on the subway line, or something like that.)