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21 February 2007

"That's the danger."

Home Tool Kit, Toronto, ON, 21-Feb-07

"It's the one thing."

It's funny to work in an office above a floor undergoing construction. There is the constant sound of drilling echoing up from below -- strange, gnashing, clashing sounds -- and the occasional vibration beneath our shoes. (That last effect, to be sure, is an odd yet somewhat pleasurable sensation. It travels through the entire body like an ascending shiver!)

As I type, the workers are right under me, and it's kind of weird. I can hear tapping, knocking, banging, hammering, scraping and whirring. It's remarkable how, when I concentrate on the renovation instead of my job, my mind is free to do some construction of its own. Elaborate scenarios: What if they drove a nail right through the ceiling and into my foot? How much would that hurt? Could I sue? Because PF and I could use that money. Would the company sue as well? Would the injury and possible scarring/amputation/deformity be worth the money? Someone would have to call Jay and tell him the kitchen supply shopping trip is off, and they'd have to cancel my appointment with Sam at the salon, too.

TRACK LISTING: INXS, "The One Thing" (because it's playing as I post)

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