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05 February 2007

"Usually when things have gone this far..."

'The New Monique Clough Show', Albuquerque, NM, 24-Dec-05

"...people tend to disappear."

PF and I were thinking maybe so.

TRACK LISTING: Peter Bjorn and John featuring Victoria Bergsman, "Young Folks"


/a said...

I love that song. For reals.

Simon Thibault said...

Love it to death. I have a remix of it done by Punks Jump Up that I use when I spin around town. I could send it to you.

I inclued that song as one of my fave releases of 2006 on my best of list. so much fun.

Miss Imperial said...

Yes, please! I would love for you to send me that remix. Thank you!

Simon Thibault said...

there you are

I have also updated my blog.

oh, and the married man came by my house last week when i was away and left a msg on my voice mail.


Miss Imperial said...

Ah! you are awesome, Simon. Thank you!

Stay strong. If you're having fun, by all means HAVE IT...just don't lose yourself. You know what you want, though -- I know you do -- so you'll never sink. That sounds terribly corny, yes, but it's true! I promise.

And you will never just be a toy, or anything equally flimsy and disposable, because you are better than that. If he thinks of you that way, if he thinks you're not in control, he's a fool.