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16 February 2007

"Years go by, I'm lookin' through a girlie magazine."

In the Kitchen, Toronto, ON, 30-Jan-07

"And there's my homeroom angel
on the pages in between."

American Apparel ads make me glad that there are multiple sweatshop-free clothing companies from which to choose. Seriously, don't these tired images look like throwaway test shots from Calvin Klein's infamous 1995 jeans campaign? (It's like they were taken while the crew was trying to figure out the lighting situation and CK reps refused to let the actual product get dirty [a-har-har] until everything was set up.)

Oooh, Dov Charney! You are so fucking edgy! I'm not even getting into the man's sketchy ethics (which seem to undermine his crusade against "exploitative labor tactics"). I generally like to support Canadians when they take on the world, but it looks like the cons are starting to outweigh the pros here. Also, I don't respond well to skeeves.

TRACK LISTING: J. Geils Band, "Centerfold"

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