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24 March 2007

"And it looked like everyone was having fun."

The Brownie, Toronto, ON, 26-Mar-07

"There's nothing wrong with
just a little little fun."

"I say we put mustard on it!"

One day, Saturday Night Live will release a DVD collection of their digital shorts, and I believe I will be compelled to buy it. Digital Short touchstone Lazy Sunday, A Day in the Life of Natalie Portman and the now-legendary Dick in a Box must be on there, but I'm hoping Young Chuck Norris will make an appearance as well. That's the video that made me love Jason Sudeikis! Well, that and the Two A-Holes (so true! With the gum chewing).

TRACK LISTING: Daft Punk, "Digital Love"

[NOTE (30 March 2007): I am conflicted! I have laughed at many an SNL Digital Short, but now feel somewhat guilty considering that a good number of these Shorts were, erm, "inspired" by other sketches! Even the clip above, that lovely "Business Meeting", is reportedly based on a bit by The State called "Just the 100,000 of Us" (or something)! What does this mean? That Samberg & Co. aren't the wunderkinds people thought they were/think they are? Perhaps they can just chalk this up to "common comedic perspective". PERHAPS.]

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