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17 March 2007

"And when their ham and eggs need savor..."

The Queen Mother, Toronto, ON, 25-Feb-07

"Coffee ketchup
gives 'em flavor!"

Cups of house blend coffee and an Americano; a small bottle of Orangina; butter croissants and a pear-almond tart; a mocha eclair; French onion soup and a spring roll; a golden baguette filled with chèvre and roasted vegetables; pizzaladiere with caramelized onions, sweet tomatoes and black olives.

More butter croissants.

Two more cups of coffee with sugar and cream; a pint of iced tea and a half-pint of pineapple juice; huevos rancheros with shredded hash browns on a bed of lettuce; English muffins with scrambled eggs, spicy ground beef, chopped peppers, tomato salsa, onions and Monterey Jack cheese; thick French toast with maple syrup, sliced ham and orange wedges; glasses of cool, clear water.

Thin-crust pizza with green chillies, mushrooms, onions, ground beef and roasted red pepper; bottles of soda; slices of double-cream Brie and smoked Gouda with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon; a perfect slice of mille-feuille; and one more cup of black coffee as we settle in for the night.

Lazy Saturdays like this are as lovely as ever, as satisfying as I'd imagined. We are lucky.

TRACK LISTING: Frank Sinatra, "The Coffee Song"