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13 March 2007

"Boy, talk about changes!"

In the Bathroom, Toronto, ON, 13-Mar-07

"I guess you never quit
tryin' to make sense of it."

Speaking of unexpected twists of taste, who would have thought that I'd end up counting Tom Petty as one of my favourite musicians? I guess we all grow up eventually.

Of course, there's always a downside to "maturity" -- like, how did I come to truly enjoy "I Want to Know What Love Is"? I used to HATE that song, even as a child, and that was when I would listen to almost anything! (Just to provide some perspective here, "anything" included La Toya Jackson's "Heart Don't Lie".) What gives? I hit my thirties and suddenly I've got that song on my MP3 player and I'm hoping against hope that no one on the subway notices that my eyes are welling up with tears? Seriously?

My teenage self would be appalled, and probably with good reason. I got old and I got old fast.

TRACK LISTING: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, "Ain't Love Strange"


Simon Thibault said...

love songs change.

here is my current fave.

pf said...

i think you'll find that julie ruin covering iwtkwli (for short) lends it enough hipster cred to fend off the eye-rollers on the subway.

but we all have our soft spots - i told you the flame got to me a few times back in the day.

Mat The W said...

I remember his video for uhm. okay I forget, but it was the alice in wonderland one...anyway it used to freak me out so much. I still get queezy watching it today.

on a side note, we have the same iPod.

Miss Imperial said...

That's the video for "Don't Come Around Here No More"! I was terrified of it (and, transitively, Tom Petty), mainly because THEY EAT ALICE AT THE END!

(Yes, it was clear that the torso they were eating was made of cake and not actual flesh, but I was little and didn't process the logic that people can't be turned into cake, poof! just like that or whatever. So I was horrified, and afraid that one day I myself would be turned into an edible cake by a strange-looking musician.)

I grew to love that song, though.

I'm still happy with my now obsolete iPod Mini. Are you? That shade of blue is beautiful, no?

Mat The W said...

OMG! THAT IS THE PART EXACTLY! AND THEN WHEN SHE BECOMES A PIG! GEE WIZ! When he went solo he did this really nice video that was described as a "bini circus pop-up book" and it was nice, so I no longer feared the horrific Tom Petty I once did.

I totally forgot that Julie Ruin sampled the chorus of "I Want To Know What Love Is". have you heard it? it's quite good.

and I am incredibly happy with the extinct iPod Mini. Except when it comes to finding cases and things for it. Although I did manage to find one at CircuitCity for $5. An intriguing shade of blue it it.

(Note: I've had many naps & coffee & walks today, so forgive my spelling errors =$)

Mat The W said...

oh man. nevermind. I thought I'd be so cool and with-it when I mentioned the Julie Ruin sample, but pf beat me to it >.<

Miss Imperial said...

Yeah, that circus video is for "Walls (Circus)", which I would love even if it didn't feature Lindsay Buckingham's backup vocals (but it does, so I love it more).

As for iPod Mini cases, I really like the one I have made by Speck. It's clear and plastic (not jelly-rubber/silicone, so it doesn't pick up all the lint and fuzz in pockets and purses), and it has a click-wheel cover that flips down when you need it. When flipped down, it acts as a stand, too! It's nice, but not $5, which is also nice.

(And don't worry about PF beating you to the Julie Ruin reference. He had, like, a fifteen-year head start.)