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26 March 2007

"Relax and let your mind roll on."

The Giant Brains on TV, Toronto, ON, 26-Mar-07

"Let your mind go round."

Anything you watch, for certain moments you won't wander if it's very very good, but many times, even if it's very good, you will wander, and the reason you wander is because [it] touches on some elements of your life -- something you've lived, something you've forgotten, something you've buried, something you've shared, something you don't wanna think about. It somehow, often in a very circuitous or oblique way, hits upon something, and of course you think about that and you miss the next ten minutes.

Ah, John Malkovich! That actually makes complete sense...or at least enough sense to me that I am going to use it to justify each time I lose the plot, so to speak, while watching a television show or movie. Before reading this article, I would have just assumed that these space-outs were the result of my own, as author Larry Getlen puts it, "flightiness or Attention Deficit Disorder."

Quickly, another famous person! Figure out why I routinely fell asleep while watching films between the years 1993 and 1999.

TRACK LISTING: The Who, "Relax"

[NOTE: The image above is a snapshot of our television during an episode of Futurama ("The Why of Fry").]


Rob said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm supposed to reading a novel right now but jeeze, I just lost the thread of the story reading random blogs for an hour. *shrug* Too many distractions on this planet...

Miss Imperial said...


God bless "Next Blog>>".