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28 April 2007

"Gabba! Gabba! We accept you."

Central Park Carousel, New York, NY, 28-Apr-07

"We accept you!
One of us!"

Things PF and I saw today in NYC:

Smoked salmon on golden brown potato cakes with creamy dill sauce on the side; poached eggs; a plate of lightly buttered toast; small salads with a delicious honey-mustard dressing; a fluffy omelet stuffed with portobello mushrooms and accented by spicy harissa; great coffee; a glass of cold, house-brewed iced tea topped with a mint leaf. It's another wonderful brunch at Café Orlin.

Kim's! PF sorely misses their used bins. There was such joy in perusing those racks on his lunch breaks!

The Tribeca Film Festival in full swing.

The majesty of Central Park on a warm, sunny afternoon. It was my first visit and I was as delighted as any tourist would be.

Yuppies packed into the patio at Orsay. On our side of the street, a little girl bawls as she waves goodbye to her shiny, airborne balloon.

Coffee, Limonata and a delicious Napoleon at Corrado Bread & Pastry.

The Strand! We get lost in the legendary eighteen miles of books, then make our way to The Forbidden Planet, where we find the perfect birthday gift for S.A.D. The big day itself is a couple of weeks away so we can't spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say that the present we picked up may or may not be A PORTAL TO HELL. PIN! HEAD! PIN! HEAD! Oh, wait. I might have just given it away. Damn.

TRACK LISTING: The Ramones, "Pinhead"

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