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17 April 2007

"I am proud that my silhouette is curvy!"

At Studio E, Edmonton, AB, 30-Oct-05

"With my hips
kind of swivelly
and swervy."

Things I saw at the department store this evening:

The woman behind the dressing room assistance counter, removing the hangers from my bras before sending me to my dressing room. (So nice! these rooms, all spacious with dark wood, upholstered benches and spotless, full-length mirrors. They are almost completely at odds with the other cold, bland, dressing rooms in the building. It makes a body want to try on bras even when unnecessary.)

Right now, this is my favourite style of everyday bra: simple, unobtrusive, and able to keep me, er, contained, especially when I bend over. (That is CRUCIAL, no? Who wants to be constantly fiddling with straps and cups at work?) I've grabbed one in each available colour, which this season seems to be limited to pale shades of pink, yellow and blue (ah, the pastels of Spring), but this is no bother.

"These are such great colours!" the woman helping me exclaims. "I always feel so sexy when I'm wearing a bra in a pretty colour!"

"I just want them to match my underwear," I tell her, like someone who has never considered the possibility of purchasing a bra and panty set, and (of course) she seems disappointed in my response. These customers are so unsexy sometimes!

TRACK LISTING: Peggy Lee, "I Enjoy Being a Girl"

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