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13 April 2007

"Let 'em know with the quickness. Y'all need to witness."

Mr Chinese, Thunder Bay, ON, 18-Oct-05

"Step to the side!
Y'all mind y'all business.
Like physical fitness."

Things I saw at the office this morning (while hard at work, obviously):

AWESOMENESS, via the links section on the Dooce site.

I know it's Friday -- Friday the 13th, even -- and my commitment to posting is hovering around thirty percent, but seriously! this...is...awesome. That's all I can say: awesome.

And yeah, as Chris Sims points out, Chuck Norris jokes are pretty much done, but like Chris Sims, I do not care. I mean, come on! This is basically a PSA, people. YOU NEED TO KNOW.

TRACK LISTING: Kool Keith, "Master of the Game"

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