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21 April 2007

"This strange transformation takes place in me."

The Duke of Gloucester, Toronto, ON, 03-Mar-07

"Instead of myself,
everybody can see
Mister Hyde,
Mister Hyde,
Mister Hyde,
Mister Hyde.

Things I saw on the internet today:

An unsettling disappointment.

I want him to ABC: Always Be Charming, a-harhar. Can't he just be the gruff yet funny bear of a man who's settled so well into this new, character actor stage of his career?

Maybe it doesn't matter what he does. As the Gawker stalkers point out
, we're always so willing to sympathize with or even blindly forgive him. Maybe this is because he can effortlessly and perfectly deliver a line like "Those shoes are definitely bi-curious" or "Does he know you're the Beeper King?" Perhaps it is simply because he blogs for The Huffington Post!

Maybe it just doesn't take much to permanently win our hearts. Sigh.

TRACK LISTING: The Who, "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"

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