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07 May 2007

"I -- oh! I'm still alive."

Chiropractor on Eglinton West, Toronto, ON, 10-Jun-06

"Hey, I -- oh!
I'm still alive!"

Things I saw this morning on the Radar:

A self-professed "comic-nerd" revealing his lack of actual comic-nerdness.

Well, well! Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated, indeed! When I first read this review, I was pretty sure that Stan Lee wasn't dead, and therefore unable to roll in his grave or whatever. (Thus far, only one comment disputing Lee's death has been posted in response to the review, but it's possible that many more indignant fanboys will weigh in shortly. Maybe Matt Thompson will claim that "Stan Lee must be rolling over in his grave" was merely a figure of speech! Or something.)

Of course, I might have missed the news item announcing Stan Lee's death this morning. Ah! only joking. Mr Lee is both alive and well. He even had a cameo in the film about which Matt Johnson's review was written! Maybe Johnson thought that the old guy prone to talking to people in the middle of the street was Steve Ditko. (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

TRACK LISTING: Pearl Jam, "Alive"

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