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26 May 2007

"I think I'll go outside a while!"

Lester Piggott Memorial Corridor, Seattle, WA, 07-Oct-06

"Ain't no sense in stayin' inside
if the weather's fine and
you got the time!"

Things I saw today:

Boys and girls selling strollers and dishes and VHS tapes for a quarter each! Seventy-five cent cupcakes!

Earlier in the day I walked to the grocery store, enjoying the sunshine and the feeling of getting things done before 10am. There will probably be occasions in the future when I roll out of bed at 11am, but probably only on the weekend, and probably not for a long time. I'm really enjoying waking up with the sun and experiencing the clean crispness of pre-noon air. The quality of light in the morning hours is often amazing, almost like magic.

TRACK LISTING: The Rascals, "A Beautiful Morning"

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