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30 June 2007

"How do you like your eggs in the morning?"

In the Kitchen, Toronto, ON, 05-Jul-07

"Boiled or fried?"
"I'm satisfied!"

Things I saw on Saturday morning:

Our favourite brunch spot, sort of becoming our regular brunch spot.

It's not exactly around the corner or down the street, but since we stumbled into Over Easy on a rainy afternoon last summer, PF and I have returned many times. We've gone by ourselves, we've brought friends along with us, and we always feel like we made the right choice. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed, even when the place is packed, and we have never had a bad meal.

There are certainly prettier restaurants with finer food in this city, and we don't shy away from those, but in PF's constantly thwarted quest for house-brewed and, more importantly, unsweetened iced tea, Over Easy is a beacon. Apart from figuring out which dish to have, the choice really isn't that difficult to make.

TRACK LISTING: Dean Martin & Helen O'Connell, "How Do You Like Your Eggs"


Simon Thibault said...

unsweetened iced tea? tell him to move to the south. it's everywhere.

also, how did you personalise your blog?
i'm so dim.
i'm still figuring out RSS.

Miss Imperial said...

Ah, the damned south...that's where it all began! My husband's American, originally from New Mexico, where unsweetened, home-brewed iced tea abounds. He grew up drinking the stuff, letting the sun work its magic while the tea steeped in a glass canister on the porch or windowsill or what have you, and even managed to get his fix when he lived in Seattle and New York.

I'm not sure why it's so difficult to find unsweetened iced tea up here. Hmmm. I guess there's just no demand for it.

As for the personalized blog, I switched my Blogger account to the new format (what was once the Beta version and I believe is now the norm). I no longer have to fiddle with the HTML to tweak my layout as the Template tab leads me straight to a page where I can drag and drop page elements. There's also a section devoted to fonts and colours where the template defaults can be changed and customized.

The Hype Machine column is a feed badge that you can create on the Hype Machine site and paste into your blog as Rich Text. Same goes for the Flickr badges (which usually contain the Flickr logo and other standard text; these bits can be erased from the code after you paste it but before you save the changes to your Blogger template).

I've relied on the Blogger Help quite a bit to do all this stuff. The JPEG banner at the top is new -- I was really excited when they introduced that feature. There are a lot of new, cool features in Blogger. A few weeks ago they were testing the ability to insert video (instead of just photos) but it was only offered as a Beta to some of the older members.

I'm still clueless about RSS, though.