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27 June 2007

"Well, everybody, I am going home."

Bar Wellington, Toronto, ON, 27-Jun-07

"I am going home!"

Things I saw this evening:

Our office's beloved Dylana Perera, on her last night in town. Best of luck in Belize, D! May all your wishes come true.

Later that evening, on my own way home, I stop in at Bathurst's Food for two pints of Cherry Garcia in frozen yogurt form. A man whose small dog is waiting outside is waiting patiently for me to grab the tubs so he can open the other sliding door on the deep freezer.

"Broke up with your boyfriend?" he asks, good-naturedly.

"Actually, one of these is for my husband," I tell him.

He laughs. "Uh-oh!" I grin.

"We can't share!" I exclaim, whisking the Ben & Jerry's off to the cash register. I don't tell the man that my husband will be lucky if he manages to score a quarter-cup of the stuff, or that I plan to grab a spoon and dig in as soon as I walk through our front door. It's summer time, people! Ice cream and its delicious frozen relatives are fair game.

TRACK LISTING: Bob Marley, "I Am Going Home"


/a said...

For us, at the cottage for the now-traditional Dominion Day long weekend (sorry I couldn't come to TO to pick you up this year), with KKP and JKJ, it was mint chocolate fudge crackle, IN SUGAR CONES. Heaven, even if the weather sucked.

Miss Imperial said...

Ah, it's alright -- it was nice to spend the weekend as if on vacation in another city (going out to eat, going to the movies, going shopping and walking around in the sunshine) without the travel expenses. I'm always so quick to think of leaving town on a long weekend, but sometimes it's nice to stay home, relax, and do the things you want to do when you want to do them.

I'm off the Garcia now, though.