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10 July 2007

"I gotta take a little time."

In the Computer Nook, Toronto, ON, 11-Jul-07

"I better read between the lines
in case I need it when I'm older."

Things I saw as I emerged from the subway this evening:

The final pages of a wonderful book. It was difficult to say goodbye!

I've happily read quite a few editions of Savage Love, and I've been amused by Dan Savage during television interviews, but I didn't expect to be so moved by one of his memoirs. I won't deny that I cry easily, but I very rarely shed tears while reading. (The Commitment made me laugh, too, but I very rarely don't laugh while reading, so -- considering Savage's finely tuned sense of humour -- it's a given that I would at least chuckle.) To find myself choking up on multiple occasions while devouring Savage's observations on "love, sex, marriage, and [his] family" was remarkable; it convinced me that a work that touches me so deeply is a work that deserves to be bought and placed on my bookshelf. (I am also convinced that the next book I read should be The Kid.) The promise of having my own copy of The Commitment in the near future certainly eased the task of returning the book.

But suddenly, as if on cue, as I made my way towards the library, what is probably the most embarrassing song on my iPod began to play...and my eyes welled up. A POWER BALLAD WAS BRINGING TEARS TO MY EYES. This was in conjunction with Savage's story about relationships, to be sure, but I still felt like a total pussy. On the other hand, I was REALLY enjoying the song, losing myself in the backup choir and the interplay between Lou Gramm and Jennifer Holliday. (Man. I NEVER thought I'd write something like "the interplay between Lou Gramm and Jennifer Holliday" -- EVER -- IN MY WHOLE LIFE -- but there it is. I like "I Want to Know What Love Is" and it makes me weep. NON-ironically. Sigh.) A lump formed in my throat as I walked the side streets and descended the steps near the library entrance. The song faded away.

Immediately following was probably the second most embarrassing song on my iPod (the Rosario Dawson rendition, fair enough, but even my fondness for her can't obscure the reality that this track comes from the critically panned film version of a musical that I hated when I saw it live. Yes, I know that Detective Green was in both versions, and I don't care). However, it seemed as if the title alone -- "Out Tonight" -- highly befitted the ruminations of an openly (and proudly) gay man, to say nothing of the fact that the song is part of a musical. A musical! What else could I do but smile? Oh, and laugh, of course.

TRACK LISTING: Foreigner, "I Want to Know What Love Is"

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