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03 July 2007

"Yeah man, how you doin'?"

River of Lights, Albuquerque, NM, 26-Dec-06

"You good?
I know you like that!"

Things I saw online today:

Conan with an awesomely smarmy sidekick!

Sure, this isn't the funniest "In the Year 2000" ever, and maybe Will Arnett isn't the best co-host that Conan has had for this series -- and honestly, sometimes it's more enjoyable to watch an episode of "Celebrity Secrets" -- but...man. I turned the sound on at the office just to hear this clip, then realized as it rolled that I could have left the speakers muted and still found it hilarious. It's all in Arnett's face! Even when he's trying not to crack up! (Okay, fine, so it's a little in Conan's reactions, too. They work well together! Who needs Andy Richter? (Um, sorry, Andy Richter! You're good, too!) Okay, moving on.)

"I think I have the lock on this teenage asshole thing," James Spader remarked decades ago*; it's clear now that Will Arnett totally owns the adult version. (And thus, Miguel Ferrer can safely ease into the role of middle-aged asshole.)

Nice to see you again, G.O.B.!

TRACK LISTING: Mase, "Welcome Back"

*Thank you, Pretty in Pink DVD extras!

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