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30 August 2007

"A circumstance beyond our control."

Outside the Brite Spot, Los Angeles, CA, 13-Mar-06

"The phone, the TV,
and the news of the world."

Things I saw online today, courtesy of Radar:

Where have I been these last two years?

Well, okay, CLEARLY not keeping up with news on Bret Easton Ellis, which, you know, whatever. I think I made it halfway through Lunar Park and only managed to slough through a chapter of Glamorama before giving up on those books (and possibly BEE himself). But I've always had a soft spot for The Informers and read enough entertainment reports that I'm surprised I haven't heard of this adaptation before.

Granted, it's still very much in the works and may go through as many production tugs-of-war as the American Psycho movie. Yet in the end, that film turned out alright, didn't it? I mean, I didn't find it as funny as the book (wow, I REALLY must have repressed the memory of those torture-and-murder passages, or else I was totally blinded by the more clever and witty moments), but the film certainly opened my eyes to the Wonder of Bale, and for that I offer a tip of the hat. Perhaps The Informers will make me a fan of Brandon Routh or something.

If, at least, the film version of The Informers has an opening sequence as well-scored as that of Less than Zero, I'm sure I'll be fond of it. I can't deny that Less than Zero as a whole isn't particularly great, but seriously, I based my entire dancing style on Robert Downey Jr's moves in that party scene. (Haha, I know, which party scene, right?) God, I love that man.

And to think, yesterday I was all ready to hate the Eighties and shit!

TRACK LISTING: The Pretenders, "Back on the Chain Gang"

[NOTE: I'm using this song because I believe it's referenced in one of The Informers' stories. I suppose "Informer" would have worked as well. ha]

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/a said...

Christ, I love Robert Downey, Jr. That scene in Wonder Boys, when he's in bed with a fucked up Spiderman? So subtle, so good.