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28 August 2007

"Gimme a beat!"

Collective Cabaret, Winnipeg, MB, 19-Oct-05

"No, my first name ain't 'Baby'!"

Things I saw online this evening, courtesy of Gawker:

Superstar Tionna Tee!

I didn't pay much attention to Gawker's initial, amused and amusing posts on Ms Tionna, but when they gave her an advice column I couldn't help but pay attention. It's the real thing, people. It is SO. FOR. REALS. It is real and it is spectacular.

TRACK LISTING: Janet Jackson, "Nasty"

[NOTE: The woman in the photo above is NOT Tionna Smalls, if that's what you thought. The woman in the photo is our friend Anna from Winnipeg, who is AWESOME in her own right.]

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