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07 September 2007

"Rhyme or crime, let's get it on!"

Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA, 08-Oct-06

"This is our world,
me and my girls!"

Things I saw on the news today:

People, Foxy Brown is going to jail FOR REALS!

Too bad she's not a supermodel. (Well, too bad for her, anyway.) Looks like someone won't be having a great weekend! Or year, really.

TRACK LISTING: Foxy Brown, "The Hot Spot"


Simon Thibault said...

such a hot track. have you seen her lately? girl had wonky surgery.

Miss Imperial said...

I haven't seen Foxy Brown post-surgery but I've heard it's rough. Is it nastier than what L'il Kim has done to herself? You'd think FB would have taken one look at LK and said, "That shit is NOT for me!"

I do love "Hot Spot", though, to this day.