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08 November 2006

"Remember this sound in the dark of the town."

Bloor West at Dundas, Toronto, ON, 20-Jan-06

"Ring the alarm!"

Yesterday I remembered a long lost yet exact feeling: a yearning for an extra five minutes of sleep. It's a feeling I'd forgotten during those years in which I didn't have a regular wake-up time, in which my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays didn't snowball into a Thursday morning that found me totally willing to donate my eyes to science, right then and there, if in exchange I could turn back the clock and stay in bed for another half-hour.

It was inevitable that my return to the day job universe would be accompanied by this feeling and its effects: the burying of the head, deep into the pillow, when I realize that one more minute will result in my being ten minutes late for work; the leaning of the body against the tiled wall above the bathtub while I wait for the shower to work its revivalist magic; the staring blankly at the clothes in the closet, completely unable to focus on a pair of pants; and the stumbling into the office, hoping that the caffeine kicks in soon. Ah, working world! You put a spell on me, because I'm yours.

TRACK LISTING: Tenor Saw, "Ring the Alarm"

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