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09 November 2006

"These are strange, strange, vain days we live in."

Javad's Buy & Sell, Toronto, ON, 08-Oct-05

"Sometimes we all
want to give in."

While I fell asleep last night, this song found its way onto the radio and into my thoughts. I have a soft spot for Lesley Gore, but in my half-conscious state, I was irritable. Why in the hell would you take THAT GUY back? He's the one that left your party with that other girl! Remember that party? THE ONE WHERE YOU CRIED? I know you’re only seventeen, but Johnny clearly has possession issues and a violent streak, so you might as well ditch that asshole now.

I started wondering what life would be like for the poor crying girl if she were a pop princess in this decade, instead of the Sixties. I'm sure her people would tell her to Lose twenty pounds! Lighten hair! Schedule nose-and-chin job pronto! She'd basically be this girl.

TRACK LISTING: Richard Ashcroft, "Music is Power"

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