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12 November 2006

The Sunday Night Lights: No.4

Hotel Senator, Saskatoon, SK, 01-Mar-06

"I'm no captain,
just a reflection of the sea."

TRACK LISTING: Michael Knott, "Shine a Light"


Johnny said...

Love this pic, and Nov 10th's too. You have a knack for capturing light sources in dim/dark settings. I wonder if there's a specific future in that?


Miss Imperial said...

Thanks, JP! Really, the "knack" is all fluke, not to mention the trickery of posting only the photos that turn out relatively well. If you could only see the shots that didn't make the cut...

But yes, if you hear of any paying jobs that require this sort of skill, let me know. Also, note that the word "skill" is used very, very lightly.