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15 December 2006

"Are the neighbours watching me?"

R Line at Canal, New York, NY, 05-Sep-05

"Well, is the mailman
watching me?"

I'm conflicted when considering the installation of closed-circuit television cameras in downtown Toronto. I can't say that I'm opposed to safety measures, yet I'm often creeped out by the concept of constant surveillance in public spaces, even if this monitoring is conducted by those who purport to protect us. (Besides, as Torontoist pointed out, "nothing deters criminals determined to shoot at people in the busiest intersection in Toronto like cameras.")

Actually, I'm particularly disturbed by this latter aspect of "the eyes of the law", because how can we trust these people not to sneak their observation operation into our private spaces as well? (The X-Ray Eyes of the Law!)

What is the happy medium between supportive security and Big Brother? Does it even exist? Where is this balance found? These aren't rhetorical questions; I'd love to know the answers.

TRACK LISTING: Rockwell, "Somebody's Watching Me"


SBP said...

I definitely agree. What will happen if (when) we don't see a drop in in the crime level? Will they take the cameras out or say we need even MORE cameras? Allowing this to happen is the first step towards Big Brother.

carrie said...

most of what we do and say is subject to surveillance of some sort.