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14 December 2006

"Don't worry, baby..."

The Lusty Lady, Seattle, WA, 07-Oct-06

"...they're only pretending."

Seriously? Flying shards of glass, biker wipeouts and rear-end collisions, just so Maria Sharapova can take a crappy photo of tennis balls forming a smiley face? Why didn't they just leave in the part where one of the balls falling from the building cracks the skull of a passerby?

I did like that Nike ad she did (yeah, I should know better), but you should probably ignore me, if only because I really like those Geico caveman commercials, too.

TRACK LISTING: Television Personalities, "Don't Cry Baby It's Only a Movie"


u-no said...

and yet, no link to rappin' cat...

Anonymous said...

Here in the office, we're very fond of those Geico ads, frankly. It's the caveman's delivery - always perfect.


Miss Imperial said...

/a -- yes! Those cavemen have impeccable timing and just the right amount of weariness. I love that they made the "neanderthals" metrosexual (if we can even use that term anymore...oh, ennui! and so on).

As for you, "u-no" -- here's yer damned rap cat...