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01 December 2006

"We thought he was gone."

In the Apartment, Toronto, ON, 03-Aug-06

"He just could not stay away."

Yes, it's true, the little man was supposed to leave us today. However, due to circumstances too complicated and sensitive to divulge, our very own No 8 will remain sprawled on his armless armchair for some time to come.

On occasion, his meowing does seem incessant, and we often wish he would stop clawing at closed doors. He may be a bit too fond of nipping at ankles; he may enjoy chewing on plastic and cardboard; he may be the issuer of puncture wounds to the large ottoman and the cause of small trinkets batted off shelves and dressers. He may even be as relentless as a puppy when it comes to begging for food. Yet every time he rubs a flank across our shins to greet us; every time he keeps us company while we're working in the kitchen; and every time he leaps onto the bed to nestle against our legs while we sleep, I know I'd miss him terribly if he were gone, and I'm happy that we'll share his yawns, snores, winks and purrs for a few months more.

TRACK LISTING: The Phantom Surfers, "The Cat Came Back"

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