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07 December 2006

"When old feelings start to stir."

The Old Bow Wow, Albuquerque, NM, 23-Dec-05

"For the sake of all those times."

Something I did in the past was recently offered as part of a deal, displayed on shelves with major players and popular favourites alike. The line between "2 for $25" and "99¢ CLEARANCE" is remarkably thin, yet I was thrilled to see that hot pink sale sticker!

It's funny how a glorified discount bin can seem like the big league, isn't it?

TRACK LISTING: Barry Manilow, "Looks Like We Made It"


simon said...

I LOVE the fact that you have your own wikipedia entry.

Miss Imperial said...

Me TOO! Actually, c.c was one of those "disputed" entries at first, but I guess we eventually did enough to merit our own page. We're worthy! Then when I left, I "earned" my own page. Wooooo!

For me, this Dose article -- http://www.dose.ca/music/story.html?id=797555c0-76c8-442a-8765-b42fe3e624e8&k=23559 -- makes me feel like a total fucking bigshot. Maybe because the facts are somewhat...inflated...