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25 January 2007

"Choose your escape in the heartland."

'My Wild Life Collection - Dog/Chien', Toronto, ON, 25-Jan-07

"Of product and demand."

Damn, people! You love Lululemon so much that you'll wait at least THREE HOURS in a line that wraps around our office building and spans four city blocks, just so you can have a crack at one of that company's warehouse sales? You do know that the city has issued an Extreme Cold Alert, right? Didn't anyone read the play-by-play from a couple of years ago?

I have seriously misunderestimated the allure of yoga-inspired athletic apparel.

TRACK LISTING: Operation Ivy, "The Crowd"


/a said...

Ah, lululemon - socially conscious, or vaguely sleazy? You decide:

One thing's for certain: overpriced.

/a said...

Oh oh oh, and mad respect for the Operation Ivy quote. Amazing.

Miss Imperial said...

Holy shit! The Toronto warehouse sale was nowhere near as, er, "Girls Gone Wild". I checked out the Lululemon web site yesterday when half our staff rushed downstairs to take part in the melee, and it seems like the company has some noble goals (though they're worded a little too new age-y for my taste...very Vancouver). I've never gone into a
Lululemon store, but from what I could see on the site, the clothes are designed with physical comfort and function very much in mind...though who knows if that stuff really makes a difference...especially given the price you're paying. (I'm not sure if the clothes are sweatshop-free, but I assume they are.)

Yoga gear just isn't my thing, and even if a pair of pants regularly priced at $225 (TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! christ) are going for $89 at the sale, that's still $89 more dollars than I want to spend on yoga gear right now.

As for the Operation Ivy quote, I figure that's a little more, um, outrage than the post deserved, but I couldn't resist the nostalgia!