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28 February 2007

"News on the radio."

Cupcake in the Kitchen, Toronto, ON, 28-Feb-07

"Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!"

(I may have had too much red wine.)

TRACK LISTING: Concrete Blonde, "Happy Birthday"

[NOTE: Since I was a teenager, this has been one of my favourite songs, and certainly my favourite song about a birthday. In my twenties I danced to it every Monday night at a local club -- a fond memory to this day. I bonded with a friend over a mutual love for Johnette Napolitano, so I was kind of thrilled to learn that JN wrote this song about spending her thirtieth birthday in a hotel room during a band tour, because that is how I spent my thirtieth birthday as well.]


Anonymous said...

Nirm - I was just about to email you - Happy Day. I hope you got to have some cake - KKP

Miss Imperial said...

Thanks, Kylie! That's a photo of one of the cupcakes Ted brought home for me yesterday, and there was also cake at work!