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14 February 2007

"A shattering of shop windows."

Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, 10-Feb-07

"These are the days
of miracle and wonder,
and don't cry, baby,
don't cry,
don't cry."

Seriously, Diesel? Is Miss Imperial going to have to open a category called "Douchebags" as so many posts seem to be dedicated to this sort of, well, douchebaggery? I don't want to open a category called "Douchebags", I mean, I'm not a violent etc etc...ESPECIALLY since there's AN ENTIRE BLOG decrying the likes of you! Who do you think you are -- Benetton? Kenneth Cole? You can't dress something vapid up in mindless shock tactics and call it "edgy". Leave the pretty persuasion to those who know what they're doing, you fools, because you obviously have no clue. Grrr.

Oh yeah: Happy Valentine's Day!

[NOTE (20-Feb-07): After considering Betagal and Mat the W's thoughtful responses to this post (see the Notes section below), I came across this Washington Post article, which addresses the Diesel "global warming" ad campaign much more intelligently than I did. Enjoy!]


Betagal said...

Oh...Christ, that is truly bad. Or perhaps their glass is just half full?

Mat The W said...

there is this whole website (from the diesel website) for these ads, and there's a video and even a link to stopglobalwarming.org. but what I can't figure out is, if their trying to be all "global warming concered" and make it appear that they want to stop it, why the ads? is it irony or something? all in all, I still can't figure it out =$

Miss Imperial said...

Betagal, Mat -- maybe it's true that Diesel wants people to be so outraged that they go in the opposite direction and start really fighting climate change. (They've certainly strengthened any resolve I had!)

Perhaps they feel that people aren't provoked by straight information or (what might be perceived as) preaching, and thus they strive to anger and offend in order to push people into action. That would be great! I just worry that there are a lot of people who see the ads and think, "Wow! Pretty birds and warm weather ALL THE TIME!" Yet in fact, as Torontoist pointed out, London would be a total iceberg (so that particular speedboat image is still ridiculous...man, does socialite envy get me down).

Mat The W said...

oh all so true. I guess it would also be good for ppl who are like "oh cute ad" but really have no clue what it's implying, so they hit up the website and become more informed on the subject. So I don't know if it's really an ingenius way to inform people who other wise wouldn't be so, if it is infact a low way to do so. Either way, the problem is being made known, which is the point right? So cheers to media anyway! (although, the bird one still kind of confuses me a bit =$)