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13 February 2007

"For knowing that someone in this life loves with a passion called hate."

Central Avenue, Albuquerque, NM, 24-Dec-05

"And what you give
is what you get!"

Back to douches, if you will. (This time it's a real one, not the imaginary kind.)

It's nice to learn that this ridiculous excuse for a human being (aka "Adam Plimmer"; aka "Adam Paul", now, apparently) is earning the damning infamy he so richly deserves. Every time I see footage of this local idiot, I wonder:

Does he have a drug problem?

Does he have any friends?

If so, have they stopped returning his phone calls since his sketchy behaviour was exposed?

Is he just totally insane?

I'm sure one of the many viewers around the world will weigh in eventually, if he or she hasn't already. I suppose I shouldn't advocate, er, judgmentalism (too late!), but really, this jerk has it coming.

TRACK LISTING: The Jam, "Start!"

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pf said...

nice use of the "nob" photo, btw.