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31 March 2007

"Hello. Hello! Hello hello. Hello. Hello!"

Queen & Duncan, Toronto, ON, 25-Feb-07

"You never listened
to a word that I said."

Don't say "hi how are you" -- or worse, "heyhowyoudoin'" -- as if you're just saying "hi" (with a little extra-special something tacked on the end). Just say "hi" and forget the "how are you", ESPECIALLY if all you mean to say is "hi" and won't even pause for a real answer to your fake question. Next time I will tell you EXACTLY how I am and you will wish you'd never inadvertently asked.

If you actually want to know how I am or how I am doin', well, I appreciate your concern. If not, you are an insincere jerk.

Thank you.

-- Christian Marclay, "Telephones" (1995)

TRACK LISTING: Public Image Ltd., "Public Image"

[UPDATE 18-May-07: Yeah, next time like THIS!]

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